Dance & Olympic Showcase

The Alpha Omega Dance & Olympic Showcase is an opportunity for your child to shine!
Students will begin learning routines during class in March/ April.
Students will learn class-level specific routines or obstacles and then perform them for their Families & Friends at the Showcase.
Each Student will receive an Olympic Showcase uniform and will be rewarded at the end of their session with a trophy.

Olympic Showcase Logo
Olympic Showcase


Important Details

  • All Members are automatically enrolled to participate in the Alpha Omega Dance & Olympic Showcase when they enroll for class membership.
  • The Olympic Showcase is typically scheduled over a weekend in April or May of each year.  
    • ​**SAVE THE DATE**  May 21st-23rd, 2021 will be the next Dance & Olympic Showcase  **SAVE THE DATE**
  • Members will be charged a total of $99  spread  out over a three month period, which covers the showcase uniform, awards, etc.  $33 will be charged on the following dates:  February 1st, March 1st, & April 1st.  
  • Members  have the opportunity to opt-out of the Olympics Showcase, in the event of travel, etc.  Members must complete and submit the Olympic Showcase Opt-Out form (link below) no later than January 25th.  Please keep in mind that charges will not be refunded once they have been charged.
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